You know

When a big storm hits

The lighthouse actually shifts

I have measured it

The engineers tell me it is impossible

But not everything in this world

Is explained by science

I offered myself up once

When it was too much and

Even the beauty of the light

Could not hold me

As I tell you this I know

You will think me mad

Out here on this rock

With only the gulls to judge

I leapt into the jaws of the sea

But they put me back


I am the keeper of the light

They told me

There is a balance to this world

And I needed to keep the light


I told them about science

And they said yes they knew

But there were other things

Like spirit and faith and balance

And they were the keepers

Of those things

So here I stay

I keep this light shining

And turning

While I wait

For the next big storm

This poem first published by PenHead Press –

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